Welcome to the SiP Research Network


This site is an online hub for anyone involved or interested in research on the theme of ‘Science in Public’.  It also provides a central point of contact for the research community that has grown out of the ongoing UK based conference of the same name, which has been running annually since 2006.

What do we mean by ‘Science in Public’?

Any research which considers the relationships between science and technology; ‘the public’; multiple publics; or the broader public sphere. Rather than forming another new interdisciplinary field, we aim to foster cross-disciplinary discussion and debate between researchers in the many fields which address this topic, including science and technology studies, history of science, geography, psychology, cultural studies, media and film studies, sociology, science communication, development studies, English literature, policy and political studies and many more.

Because SiP research is relatively ‘young’, we have a strong presence from early-career researchers: however, we strongly encourage participation from academics at all stages of their career.  Similarly, the Network is at present UK based, but we welcome involvement and interchange with scholars and other networks anywhere in the world.

What are our aims?

  1. To make SiP research more visible by providing links to relevant researchers, news, blogs, events and organisations.
  2. To offer longer term continuity for the annual Science in Public conference and network.

In the longer term we would like to build more extensive shared resources such as accessible introductions,  course syllabi, reference lists, training resources and online discussion spaces.  Given the nature of the topic, it’s really important that we start thinking more about doing and communicating our research ‘in public’.

Ultimately, it’s up to us. If you’re interested in making the Science in Public research network happen, have a suggestion, or just want to find out what’s going on, join our mailing list, or get in touch directly.