About Warren Pearce

Warren Pearce is a Research Fellow on the Making Science Public Programme, focusing on the relationship between scepticism and science, with a particular focus on the online debates around climate change. He is also a key contributor to work within the Programme on the theme of evidence, expertise and policymaking. Doctoral thesis: Sub-national implementation of climate change policy during the first year of the Cameron Government, focusing on the meanings of rational-scientific policy for local authorities operating within new conditions of localism and austerity.

Announcement: SiP plans for 2017


We are very pleased to announce that the 11th Annual SiP Conference will be on the theme of  “Science, Technology and Humanity”

It will be hosted by the University of Sheffield, July 10-12th, 2017, in association with iHuman.

The Call for Open Panels is now live (closing date February 3rd)

NB: the British Society for the History of Science will be holding their annual conference on 7-9th July in York. Why not continue the conversation by popping over to see them too?


SiP research/practice workshop: “STEM and Beyond? Informal Science Learning Across Disciplines”,  to be held by Brunel University, May 19th, 2017

A Call for Contributions from researchers and professionals in informal science learning is now open (closing date 6th February).