The Committee is largely composed of people who have been involved in organising SiP activities. If you would like to help, drop us a line!

Name Interests and activities Organisation Contact links 
Angela Cassidy (SiP Chair)  Public controversies Interdisciplinarity Science-policy relations Environment, agriculture, health and animals  Dept. of Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy and Anthropology, University of Exeter Exeter profile @ange_cass 
Warren Pearce (Treasurer)  Climate change communication & policy Public inclusion in research governance The rise of randomised trials in UK public policy  Dept. of Sociological Studies,  University of Sheffield Sheffield profile  
Hauke Riesch (Secretary)  Popular science Risk and the environment Citizen science Philosophy of science  Sociology and Communications,  Brunel University Brunel profile  
James Riley  (ECR Rep) Science and religion Popular science  Rising Ape Collective  Research Institute for STEMM in Culture and Society (ISTEMMiCS), University of Birmingam   Profile page    
Fern Elsdon-Baker History and philosophy of evolution; Darwin  Science communication Public perceptions of science  Research Institute for STEMM in Culture and Society (ISTEMMiCS), University of Birmingam Profile page  
Ann Grand Informal science communication Engaged Research Open science School of Environment, Earth & Ecosystem Sciences, Open University Profile page  
Leucha Veneer Outreach Engineering engagement History of science & technology  Independant science communicator@LVeneer 
Stevienna de Saille STS, inclusive technologies, responsible research and innovation (RRI) Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield Sheffield profile    
Jamie Lewis Public engagement, science and pseudoscience, biomedical technologies School of Social Sciences, University of Cardiff Cardiff profile 
James Sumner History of computing and brewing, public history of science, technology and medicine Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM), University of Manchester  Manchester profile 
Sam Illingworth Science and poetry, science communication Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement, Edinburgh Napier University Website 

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