The Committee is largely composed of people who have been involved in organising SiP activities. If you would like to help, drop us a line!

Name Interests and activities Organisation Contact links
Angela Cassidy

(SiP Chair)

Public controversies Interdisciplinarity    Science-policy relations Environment, agriculture & health Dept. of Politics, University of Exeter Exeter profile


Warren Pearce


Climate change communication & policy Public inclusion in research governance  The rise of randomised trials in UK public policy Dept. of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield Sheffield profile


Hauke Riesch


Popular science            Risk & the environment Citizen science Philosophy of science Sociology and Communications, Brunel University Brunel profile
James Riley   (ECR Rep) Science and religion  Popular science

Rising Ape Collective

Centre for Science, Knowledge & Belief in Society,           Newman University Newman profile
Kanta Dihal (Research Directory) History & philosophy of science                   Popular physics     Science and fiction English,             University of Oxford Academia profile
Steve Cross Public engagement consultant & trainer    Comedian Science Showoff Profile page


Sarah Davies Public Understandings of Science           Deliberative Democracy Emerging Technologies Materiality, Hackspaces Dept. of Media, Cognition & Communication, University of Copenhagen Copenhagen profile
Fern Elsdon-Baker History and philosophy of evolution; Darwin Science communication Public perceptions of science Centre for Science, Knowledge & Belief in Society,             Newman University Profile page
Ann Grand Informal science communication   Engaged Research     Open science School of Biological Sciences (Science Communication), University of Western Australia Profile page


Rebekah Higgitt Histories of science &  public                       Museums & institutions Public writing about the  history of science Dept. of History, University of Kent

H-word column

Kent profile


Richard Holliman Engaged Research  Digital engagement Evolving media industries School of Environment, Earth & Ecosystem Sciences,              Open University OU profile


Helen Pallett Participatory governance Science and policy Human geography 3S (Science, Society & Sustainability) Research Group, University of East Anglia UEA profile


Leucha Veneer Outreach        Engineering engagement History of science & technology School of Engineering, University of Central Lancashire UCLAN profile


Emma Weitcamp Science journalism Public relations and policy                        Sci-Art Science Communication Unit, University of the West of England UWE profile


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