The Committee is largely composed of those people who have been, or plan to be, involved in organising SiP activities. We are currently looking for Postgraduate and Practice representatives to join us. If you’re interested, drop us a line!




Contact links

Angela Cassidy

SiP Chair

Public controversies; interdisciplinarity; science and policy; environmental history; human-animal relations; food, agriculture and health

Dept. of History, King’s College London profile


Hauke Riesch


Popular science; risk and the environment; citizen science; philosophy of science

Brunel University

Brunel, Sociology and Communications profile

Warren Pearce


Climate change; scepticism in science; evidence-based policy; expertise and the public; local government; online communities; data visualisation

Dept. of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield profile


Ann Grand

Informal science communication; digital engagement; open science

University of Western Australia

UWA profile page


Rebekah Higgitt

Histories of science and the public; science in museums and institutions

History, University of Kent

 University of Kent profile


Sarah Davies

Public engagement and public understandings of science, science in museums, and the governance of new and emerging technologies

Media, Cognition & Communication, University of Copenhagen

Univ. of Copenhagen Academia profile

Fern Elsdon -Baker

History and philosophy of evolution; Darwin; inheritance; science communication; public perceptions of science

Newman University

Newman project profile

Richard Holliman

Academic research communication, engaged research

Open University

Open University profile


Helen   Pallett

Participatory governance; science and policy; institutions

Environmental Sciences, UEA

 UEA profile: 3S Group


Emma Weitkamp

Science journalism, public relations and policy

Science Communication Unit, UWE

UWE profile page


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