Building better research cultures that prevent harassment and bullying

We at Science in Public are dismayed and appalled by recent testimonials of sexual harassment and academic bullying within Science and Technology Studies (STS).  We sincerely thank those who have felt able to speak out and stand in solidarity with all victims. However, verbal support is only a first step and if solidarity is to be meaningful then STS and connected communities must take concrete steps to ensure our research cultures are safe spaces for the exchange of academic ideas, free from harassment, bullying and the leveraging of academic power. 

Over the coming months we will be reviewing our previous practices and writing a new Code of Conduct, to be published in March 2023 in good time for our next event. We will build on the work of the 2019 organising team’s Conference Code of Conduct, the newly published Ethics and Code of Conduct Policy of 4S, as well as parallel initiatives in related fields. 

We look forward to reporting back to STS and connected communities on this work, and contributing to a more reasonable research culture that not only ensures the safety of our colleagues, but can also contribute to a more diverse and fulfilling research culture.

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